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Policies and procedures

We have a number of school policies and procedures which are available for you to see at the school. We have included only our Homework Procedure and our Policy for Dealing with Concerns on this page at present.

Homework Procedure


  • To develop independent study habits.

  • To keep parents informed regarding school programmes.

  • To encourage parent, child and school co-operation.


The homework diary is an essential tool of communication between teachers and parents.

Regular homework is set.

The amount of time spent on homework will vary, according to the age of the child. As a broad guideline:

  • Junior room - 10 - 15 minutes

  • Senior room - 20 - 40 minutes

Homework is to be an extension of the classroom work. The need to practice certain skills may arise during the day, eg. - Tables, spelling, proof reading. During certain times of the year and at the teacher’s discretion other tasks may be set. Unfinished school work and research work may also be sent home as homework.

Dealing with Concerns Policy


  • To help parents/school staff communicate their concerns.

  • To establish a procedure for concerns to be addressed as quickly as possible, in order to maintain positive relationships between the community and school.

  • To endeavour to reach a solution that is agreeable to all parties.


Parents are welcome to discuss their concerns out of teaching hours by prior appointment made during school hours.

The parent will address their concern directly to the classroom teacher.

If the concern remains unresolved the parent will direct the concern to the Principal. He/she will inform the teacher concerned, before anyone else becomes involved, so the matter may be dealt with by the teacher concerned.

The Principal will act as mediator, if necessary, with the prior agreement of the parties concerned.

If a concern is expressed in writing then it becomes a complaint and in the first instance, the letter is given to the Principal and teacher concerned. This signed letter should outline the specific incident, the date and circumstances.

If a satisfactory solution is not reached within an agreed time frame by the parties concerned then the matter should be brought to the attention of the B.O.T. in writing.

It is recommended that an anecdotal record of the concerns should be kept if possible by the teacher.