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Hoiho Class - Horton no longer hears a Who

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Construction and testing of instruments


Our topic this year is “Music is a language the whole world
speaks”. As a technology investigation the year 5 and 6 students designed and
created instruments.

Before we could start we had to ask questions about sound
and instruments.

We did science experiments to understand what pitch is and
how volume works. We used an app on the iPad to measure the decibel levels of
different instruments are and decide which materials and methods make the
loudest noises. We then graphed our results using Excel.


With all our new knowledge we drew out our ideas and
collaborated on a final design concept.

We collected recycled materials from around our homes and
farms and brought them to school.

With teamwork we constructed our new instruments in one
morning. Our final task was to test their decibel ratings and talk about
improvements that could be made if we were to do this again.


“My favourite part of the project, was coming up with the
ideas to make” - Josh


“I liked the homework, when we designed the instruments”-


“My favourite part was making the final design for our
instrument”- Georgia


“My favourite part was learning about sound and vibrations”-


“My favourite bit of the project was getting the stuff at
home. It was fun getting all the measurements and shaping the metal”- Charlie


“My favourite part was doing the experiment to see what
sound was like”- Nicole


“My favourite part was making the instrument, because it is
fine to make mistakes while you are learning because you can fix them up”- Max


“My favourite part was the planning for the instruments, it
was quite fun how we put ideas together”- Logan



“I liked designing the instruments and using  our
imaginations and brains”- Hamish



















































































Photos of the Finished Products

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